How to plan your marriage?


Marriage is one of the most important moment in people’s life. To make this moment memorable, people celebrate it with great pamp and show. In order to celebrate this lavishly, people sometimes spend beyond their means and for this they take help of loans and mortgages. After this, their marriage goes well but for the next many years, the loans and mortgages taken for that marriage becomes a headache. Though people don’t talk much about it but still it can be considered as a problem. Because many people have to face financial problems due to which the same marriage sometimes end with divorce. To prevent your wedding dream from turning into a nightmare of loan, installments and to give you true financial tips, this article has been presented to you keeping these things in mind. The first and the basic idea that you should follow is that you should not get married until you become financially independent. Because if you don’t start earning money, how will you save for your marriage?

Saving for a wedding may sound a little weird for some people. Because most of the readers might still be studying or some might be working, the thought of marriage might not have came to their mind yet. But if this is helping you then it should not matter if someone thinks it is weird.

Then what should be done?

In simple words, you should make your marriage simpler. Now some people may say that if we have money, if we are saving money for our marriage, then why should we have a simpler marriage? Simple wedding means that you should design your wedding budget according to your capacity. You should not spend more than your means by taking a loan or any kind of borrowing just to impress others. Because after a few months, when you will be worried about that loan, then those people will not come to repay your loan. This is why you should save a littile money from now. If you really do not want to go into debt for your wedding, then you can save some amount every month from now.

How much you should save and how?

If you think carefully, then you will realise that you already have all the information regarding marriage. So first calculate all the things and make an approximate budget for your wedding. After making the budget, you decide at what age you are going to get married. If you are currently 22 and want to get married at the age of 29, then you should start saving a little every month from now. In these 84 months, you should select a constant amount for the first year and save that amount every month. Next year you should increase the amount and continue the process till 84th month. In this way, you will see that you have already saved a huge amount of money, may be more than you have ever think and also very easily without any hassel

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