Month: November 2023

How to plan your marriage?


Marriage is one of the most important moment in people’s life. To make this moment memorable, people celebrate it with great pamp and show. In order to celebrate this lavishly, people sometimes spend beyond their means and for this they take help of loans and mortgages. After this, their marriage goes well but for the […]

What is Microfinance?


Every person in the society has some imported needs. That needs also becomes a dream for many people which they also want to fulfill like being financially independent, saving money for the future, set up own business, getting proper education, making life better. But not every person in the society is successful in achieving all […]

Credit Card Score

Financial Tips

Whenever we hear about credit card, apart from many other things, one more thing that comes to our mind is credit score. Credit card score is a very important thing which should be maintain. In this article we will know why this credit score is so important, how it helps us and how it should […]