What is Digital Finance?


Digital finance is a term that reflects the integration of technology with the financial world in this modern era. It encompasses a variety of products, applications, processes and business models that replace the traditional form of financial and banking services with a new one. In today’s world where people have become so busy in their personal and professional lives that it has become difficult for them to even go to the bank and get service. In such a time, digital finance has proved to be an effective solution in the financial sector of people’s lives. It not only saves people’s time but also reduces physical labour. Digital finance system helps in providing financial service to those people who live in remote areas and do not have access to traditional banking services. With its help, people are able to avail the financial services within a short period of time while doing all the daily tasks. Its benefits are further discussed below:-• As I have already mentioned that introduction of technology in digital world has reduced people’s labour and also time consuming tasks performed by employees of financial organizations like banks, pension funds etc. Therefore its not only helping common people but is also helping the financial organizations to focus on becoming better day by day.• The most important thing in the finance industry is to protect confidential and sensitive information of customers. Therefore, in this industry, there is a great need for the security along with good service which serves the people with all their information. Most of the automation tools are designed keeping these requirements in mind which helps customers get the service good for them.• As time passing people are becoming more busy in their lives and in such a situation, they expect such service which requires less effort and is as per their convenience. For this, keeping in mind the competition, financial organizations are upgrading themselves day by day so that people get the level of service they want and connect with them. Due to this along with the organizations, people also get full benefits of good service.• Along with the customers’ security, such financial organizations also store a lot of data which is necessary to be analyzed time to time for future development. But analyzing without digital tools is not only time consuming but also quite difficult. Digital tools help financial organizations not only store clean data but also analyze it and grow with new ideas.In the above discussion, we have talked so much about the benefits of digital finance, so now let us talk about their examples. We don’t need to go anywhere to find examples. We can see many of its use around us. The most frequently seen form of digital finance is online banking. Nowadays, everyone from young to old prefers to do online banking from their mobile phone instead of going to the bank. From opening a bank account to making deposits and payment, everything is being done through mobile, due to which it has become a comfortable way for people. Fintech companies are also using it for convenience service of customers. They also provide a wide variety of digital services like spending tracking, budgeting, even chatbots to query the customer’s issues. Blockchain technology is the another example of digitalization of finance industry which we have discussed in the previous article.We can find many such examples regarding digitalization of finance industry which are helping us to move step by step in the modern era.

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