Month: September 2023



Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) is a mathematical model that describes the expected returns received from an investment based on its riskiness relative to the rest of the market. It indicates that the expected return on a security is equal to the risk-free return plus the risk premium based on the security’s Beta. The mathematical […]

Block Chain in Finance Service or Fintech


Blockchain is a technology that provides more security than banks and any other financial organization so that one can easily send his money to another person without any hassle through greater security. In today’s time, where there is no security at all in such organization and fraud has become common, blockchain can prove to be […]

Side Hustles for Students

Earn Money

In today’s world, where inflation is skyrocketing, everything from education to food, accommodation, education and hospital has become expensive, people also need to increase their income. Along with other people, students also got influenced by this and start looking for side hustles so that they can also become self-reliant and bear the expenses of their […]

Student Loan – A Boon or A Curse?


A student loan is a money you borrow from any financial organization to attend college or career school. You have to return the amount with interest to the organization in a definite interval of time. Every year many students take admission in various educational institutions to continue their further studies. But some students face trouble […]