Depending on the financial condition, for most of the people setting up a workable conscious spending plan may seem out of reach for them. Some of them cut their spending to the bone and starv for extra money. Some people want to save money for their retirement even after not capable to fulfil their basic requirement in the present. For such people putting away some percent for their future turns very hard. You should not compromise with your present while saving for the future. In this post i will suggest you how you can save more money though you are not making enough.

Many people complain saying that they can’t save money anad mamage their conscious spending plan as they live paycheck to paycheck . In reality, they have more wiggle room in their budget then they think. They just don’t want to change their spending. For example- instead of eating out they can have hommade food, not buying a new cell phone every year, avoid clubbing every week etc.

However, many people really can’t afford to cut more spending and really are living paycheck to paycheck. If you simply can’t cut more out of your budget, this spending plan may be a useful guide for you. There is a limit to how much you can cut, but there is no limit to how much you can earn. Once you increase your earnings, you can use the conscious spending plan as your guide. Untill then, you can use The Envelope System to manage your spending and save more money.

The envelope system, in which you allocate money for certain categories like eating out, shopping, rent, savings and so on. Once you spend all the money for that month, you can’t spend more money. If it is really an emergency, you can dip into other envelopes like your “savings” envelope but you will have to cut back untill you replenish that envelope. These “envelopes” can be figurative or literally envelopes that you put cash in.

These are training wheels. Build the habit first. Systematize it letter. You can do another thing that if you set up a debit account like this, tell your bank that you don’t want them to allow you to spend more than you have in your account. Some banks can handle this request.Whatever system you want to use to divvy up the money is fine. You just have to decide how much you want to spend in major categories each month. Put the allotted money in each “envelope”. When the envelopes are empty except that “savings” envelope , that’s it for that month. You can transfer money from one envelope to another, but that money is coming out of another category. So your total spending doesn’t actually increase and you save enough money every month.

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