How to monetize your YouTube account easily and immediately?


Many people choose YouTube as a career option. They work here in full-time or part-time basis. But whether it is part-time or full-time , all their motive is to make money using the platform. To earn money, your YouTube channel should be monetized. Though your videos get millions of views and get subscribed by millions of viewers but without monetization you will earn nothing.
Therefore, monetizing your YouTube channel is the 1st most important step for which you have to go through some monetization features that will allow you to meet the thresholds and requirements to earn money from this platform.
Through this article I want to help you to know the rules of monetization, relevant policies, different ways of monetization, and what to do if you get rejected.

To monetize your YouTube channel, you have to create an AdSense account. This account is Google's in-house ad platform which is use to promote and sell products via different platforms including YouTube. Your next step is to join YouTube Partner Program or YPP by following some criteria that includes:
  • You must follow the monetization policies.
  • Your channel must have atleast 4000 view hours over the past 12 months.
  • You need atlesst 1000 subscribers
  • Your youtube account must linked with AdSense account
  • Your area must be somewhere where YPP is available
  • Your channel should not have recorded any community guidelines strikes against it
  • You need to turn on two step verification on the google account linked with your youtube channel.
  • Stay within copyright laws To monetize YouTube content effectively, you must be aware of such things which may decrease the growth of your income.
  • Here are some points which may scares away your advertisers:
  1. Controversy : Try to stay away from controversies as it can effect your channel negatively.
  2. Misleading or Misinformation: Though we have the freedom to speak whatever we want but we should not misuse it to mislead someone. It can bring the end of your channel.
  3. Excessive uses of bad language: Excessive uses of bad language may make people report your channel. If this happen, youtube will delet your channel.
  4. Misleading thumbnails’ previews: If you use thumbnail that completely denies to match the content of the video your video could get flagged for misleading content.
  5. Unnecessarily shocking content: Although this is not a deal-breaker but still it might harm you channel. But in case of promotions, advertisers sometime show more interest in controversial content.

There are various ways to earn money from YouTube. I have delivered some most effective and easiest ones out of it. They are:

  • Ads
  • Super chats
  • Super stickers
  • Channel membership
  • Super thanks
  • Shopping
  • YouTube premium
  • Merchandising
  • Fan patronage

There are some policies that you have to follow when you join a global platform. Likewise in YouTube, you must follow some monetization policies to continue your content along with payment. They are as follows-
1.YPP (YouTube Partner Programme)
YouTube review your membership application and decide it to monetize or not. This process usually takes a month, sometimes bit longer. During this application process YouTube check the following criteria:

  • Category of your videos
  • Most viewed videos of your channel
  • Recently uploaded video
  • Biggest proportion of watch time of you videos
  • Titles, thumbnails, descriptions basically metadata of your videos.

2. Avoiding Copyrights:
We have already discussed that copyright infringement is a serious offense in youtube. You have to upload you own videos. Uploading other creator’s video, using audio and music track which you don’t have permission to use and other copyrighted wokrs may violate the policy. Policy violation can leads to termination or suspention of your account.

3. Community guidelines:
Hate speech, predatory behavior, graphic violence and content that promotes dangerous and harmful activity is not allowed on YouTube. When you violate the policy your account may get suspended from the YPP, all the advertisements from where you earn money may get removed from your videos. If you get rejected even after following all the steps, don't need to despair. You can reapply for the YPP after 30 days. YouTube allows you to make things right by sending notification. You can ask YouTube which policies your channel didn't conform with. YouTube will feedback you about what needs to be change in your channel and also give you time to make the changes and get that coveted YPP membership.

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