How To Earn Money Online


“How to make money online” is a common question many people are asking right now , as they started knowing about new income streams. Making money online is a great way to give you relief from the 9 to 5 and it gives you the freedom to follow your own working schedule , travel the world whenever you want or live anywhere you like .
Following your passion can lead to self employment instead of unemployment . People from all age groups are earing a lot of money through online platform by following a regular working schedule and with the help of the skills they have . The only need is to discover your skills and put to good use in making money.
For example operating independently from much of the other business news you hear about , Indian bloggers make $200,00 a year.
This is just one example of the new online economy. There are much more examples which i will keep documenting in the future post. Till then, I have shared some ways which will surprise you over the time by knowing that you also MAKE MONEY ONLINE.
I have brought for you all some of the ways to earn money online. Go through all the points to give yourself a better future.

  1. Start a YouTube channel

There are many ways to make money online with a YouTube channel. Now a days people make different types of videos on YouTube and get paid for their skill. Unboxing videos, vlogs, DIY videos, gaming, interviews, a day in the life, comedy, haul, music, introduction, parodies, pranks, behind the scenes, fitness, animal videos, challenges, product reviews, tutorials, educational videos, informative videos, travel are some of the content for YouTube videos. People watch your videos and you make money depending upon the views and subscribers you have. If your content is strong enough to gain viewers attraction, you can make a lot of money from a YouTube channel.
The most popular way to earn money from YouTube is to add AdSense ads to your videos. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you make money.
Promoting products by wearing or using in your videos is also a faster way of making money. Add a link to your online store to get people visit your store and buy your items or contract with third party companies to promote their products.
By creating sponsored content and by endorsing branded products or creating content marketing videos you can also make a huge amount.

2. Publish eBook

If you are a writer , you can earn money by using your skills. You can write on a specific topic related to your blog and can publish it in the internet more easily. Promote your eBooks to make your audience come and read on that topic, which will again help you in making money.

  1. Take online surveys to earn money

Though it seems impossible but you can actually earn money or gift cards just by taking surveys in your spare time. There are a lot of survey websites which pay you for taking surveys. They have a sign up bonus, competitions, a loyally program and competitive payouts which makes it favorite of many. But keep in mind that you won’t get paid for every survey websites for taking surveys. Branded surveys is one of the easy way to earn money online.

  1. Become virtual teacher

If you have teaching experience and you are good at it then you can your skill to earn a lot of money from online platform by becoming virtual tutor. Now a days most of the students and even their parents also prefer online classes than physical classes as it saves their lot of time and they can attend the same class repetitively. Again online study materials or classes are far cheaper and easy to find than physical classes which makes students to adopt online method to study. If you are really good at teaching and can prepare students for their desire examinations then you can create a website for students and gradually increase your network to earn money.

  1. Drop shipping business

Drop shipping is also a effective way to earn money online. You have to as the go-between where suppliers will sell you products at wholesale price and you just have to mark it up and earn a profit for yourself. In drop shipping you don’t even need to worry and pay for storing your inventory.
Any product which is approved by government can be sell. There are thousands of suppliers who can provide you with your inventory. You need to create a website or e-commerce storefront of your own to market and sell the products. You can earn 20k to 4 lacs per month from drop shipping business.

  1. Involve in freelance work

Freelance work is contract basis work where you get paid for a particular task. Here you get project for a specific time and after completing you get paid for that contract basis project. The best thing about freelance work is even if you get contract from a company, you are still self- employed. There are also a lot of freelance jobs online and websites for whom you can work and earn money. You just need to find a perspective niche and create a website where you can find your clients. You have to set your freelance rate which will help your clients to connect with you. With time you can gradually expand your network to earn more.

  1. Start blogging

If you have some knowledge on a specific subject, you can make money by creating blogs. Now a days it turns so popular as it offers many routes for monetization. You can share your knowledge with your audience or can sell products related to your topic.
If you don’t have your own topics, you can also promote other people’s goods on your site as an affiliate marketer. When someone clicks on the link, you will receive a commission from the sponsoring company. Another way to make money online through blogging is to put AdSense ad on it. Every time people click on the link, you make money. In this way, blogging can be a great source of extra money.

  1. Become influencer

Becoming influencer in today’s world is dream of many. An influencer is a person who help people know or stay updated about a particular topic through social media platform or youtube. Those topic could be related to acting, fitness, education,motivation, fashion, travel, etc. and many more. If you also want to be one of this community, pick a proper niche which you think would help you in showing your strenght.
Once you pick a niche, start marketing it to audience. You can do this by sharing blogs,pictures and videoes on social media platform. Then you can finally start selling products to your audience. Once you become famous,you can promote a specific brand by wearing or using their products on social media platform. Some brand only pay you for promoting but also give you the products to use.

  1. Create podcast

Podcast has become so popular today then it was before. People showing so much love to the podcast that you also can use it in making online money. The reason for the popularity of podcast that they can listen to it at any time they want. Your podcast could be related to topics like interview, conversational, podcast, educational, non-fiction storytelling, news etc. Therefore, contain it as a great way to earn online money.

  1. Use your creative skills to make money

If you are a creative person and you like to take pictures you can sell your photograph in different social media platform. Likewise, you can sell your arts on to make money online. You just need to take advantages of all social media platform to market your skills. In this way, people will know more about you and will show more interest in your artwork. Try to develop your skill digitally because digital artwork now a days are in demand. People will start hire you for your artwork. You could get chance to make logo for new or existing brand. Every time you work for a client, try to take feedback which help you in growing your network. That way, you can generate more business for yourself.

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